Fair Share

Keep TRIO Moving and We All Benefit!

The Council for Opportunity in Education depends on institutional memberships, subscriptions, and personal contributions as its major source of operating revenue. Fair Share is the sharing of budgetary responsibility needed for the Council for Opportunity in Education to operate based on the relative number of TRIO projects in an area. The Council's Board of Directors votes on the General Administrative Budget (GAB) of the Council. The GAB supports the critical work of the Council not supported by outside grants. The Fair Share is then calculated using the GAB amount.

How is Fair Share collected?

In four ways:

  1. Regional Membership Dues
  2. Institutional Membership Dues
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Annual Giving Campaign (Personal Donations)

Fair Share Campaigns

10 for 10 (10 Payments for 10 Months)

Make life a little easier this year by starting your personal donation to the Council for Opportunity in Education early. Sign up for payments to come out monthly and be done for the year! Complete our Personal Contribution Form Document is available for download (.pdf) to start your giving today. (Please visit below — Donate to COE — for one time gifts).

Donate to COE

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