DateTitleCityState or ProvinceEvent Code
select7/1/2018Compliance Assessment and Technical Assistance  COMPTECH2COMPTECH2
select7/5/2018Strategies for the UB/UBMS Supplemental Proposal  CWEBUB0718CWEBUB0718
select7/11/2018Planning a Five Star Chapter Conference!  WEBALL0718WEBALL0718
select9/13/201837th ANNUAL CONFERENCENew YorkNYAC2018AC2018
select9/13/201837th Annual Conference Ticketed Event(s)  ACMT2018ACMT2018
select9/13/2018Onboard - Orientation and Prof. Development for New ProfessNew YorkNYCNPT0918CNPT0918
select9/15/2018COE FUN RUN and WALK IN CENTRAL PARKNew YorkNYADFR2018ADFR2018
select10/5/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 Student Support Services APR  CWEBSS1018CWEBSS1018
select10/15/2018Part 1-Reviewing the 2017-2018 New UB and UBMS APRs  CWEBUB1018CWEBUB1018
select10/16/2018Part 2-Reviewing the 2017-2018 New UB and UBMS APRs  CWEBUBO18BCWEBUBO18B
select10/17/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 EOC APR  CWEBEO1018CWEBEO1018
select10/18/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 TS APR  CWEBTS1018CWEBTS1018
select11/1/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 UB and UBMS APRs  CWEBUB1118CWEBUB1118
select11/2/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 VUB APR  CWEBVB1118CWEBVB1118
select11/6/2018Reviewing the 2017-2018 McNair APR  CWEBMC1118CWEBMC1118
select11/10/2018Onboard - Orientation and Prof. Development for New ProfessMilwaukeeWICNPT1118CNPT1118