DateTitleCityState or ProvinceEvent Code
select10/14/2017Onboard - Orientation and Prof. Development for New ProfessSalt Lake CityUTCNPT1017CNPT1017
select10/18/2017Priority 4 Financial Aid, Admissions & Fin Literacy TrainingSalt Lake CityUTIAFAUT1017IAFAUT1017
select10/24/2017Q&A Reviewing the 2016-2017 Student Support Services APR  CWEBSQ1017CWEBSQ1017
select10/30/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 TS APR  CWEBTS1017CWEBTS1017
select10/31/2017Compliance Assessment and Technical Assistance  COMPTECHCOMPTECH
select10/31/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 UB and UBMS APRs  CWEBUB1017CWEBUB1017
select11/1/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 EOC APR  CWEBEO1117CWEBEO1117
select11/2/2017Welcome To TRIO - Webinar for New Dir. in UB/UBMS/VUB/McNair  WEBUBC1117WEBUBC1117
select11/6/2017Navigating the Rules & Regulations of Working on Grant  CWEBONLNE2CWEBONLNE2
select11/11/2017Onboard - Orientation and Prof. Development for New ProfessSchaumburgILCNPT11B17CNPT11B17
select11/14/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 UB and UBMS APRs  CWEBUB1117CWEBUB1117
select11/17/2017Priority 1 Recordkeeping, Evaluation and ReportingIrvineCARKDCA1117RKDCA1117
select11/27/2017Examining Bridging Program  CWEBONLNE3CWEBONLNE3
select12/5/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 McNair APR  CWEBMC1217CWEBMC1217
select12/19/2017Reviewing the 2016-2017 VUB APR  CWEBVB1217CWEBVB1217
select1/8/2018Career Counseling  CWEBONLNE4CWEBONLNE4
select1/22/2018Professional Ethics in An Access and Success Program  CWEBONLNE5CWEBONLNE5
select1/24/2018Welcome To TRIO - Webinar for New Dir. in UB/UBMS/VUB/McNair  WEBUB0118WEBUB0118
select2/5/2018Creating a Policy and Procedure Manual  CWEBONLNE6CWEBONLNE6
select2/19/2018Family Involvement  CWEBONLNE7CWEBONLNE7