Are You Already a COE Subscriber?

Starting July 1, 2009, if you are a COE Institutional Member, you automatically have access to the Subscription Package.

Follow these easy steps to have access to all contents of the Subscription Package:

  1. Go to our home page at (
  2. Click on My Account in the top navigation menu (last item on the right).
  3. Enter your username and password.
    NOTE — If you have trouble with your username and password, please contact Jesse Baker, our Data Manager, at (
  4. Click on Communities.
  5. Click on the Subscriptions Community.

Not sure your institution is a member — contact Alvin Phillips ( or Angelica Vialpando ( to find out!

Subscribe Today!

Click here to subscribe today (payment can be made by credit card or purchase order).

If you wish to pay by check, please click here Document is available for download (.pdf) to download a paper form that you can either fax to (202) 347-0786 or mail to 1025 Vermont Avenue N.W., Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20005-3516.

Subscribers receive an array of print and electronic publications designed to keep you current on the latest trends, explore best practices and alert you to opportunities for your students and programs. The COE subscription package includes:

  • COE NETworks — a yearly magazine with news and features about TRIO community members, alumni, and policymakers

  • Pell Institute Research — articles and publications affecting higher education produced by COE's research arm

  • Equality — a quarterly newsletter about the TRIO community and upcoming events

  • e-News You Can Use — a monthly newsletter featuring late-breaking developments and opportunities

  • FAQs — answers to frequently asked questions prompted by people in the field

  • National Directory of TRIO and GEAR UP Programs — your connection to the community

Subscription Package Costs

A one (1) year Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) Subscription Package for Non–Institutional Members will cost $500.