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(July 27, 2015) 

Executive Director
New College Institute (Martinsville, VA)

Reference Number

August 21, 2015

James Norfleet, Search Associate
Phone — (413) 529-2895
E-mail — (apply@spelmanandjohnson.com)
WWW — (http://bit.ly/1I5Ui8B)

Job Description

The Board of Directors of the New College Institute (NCI), a state-funded higher education institute that promotes economic development in the Martinsville/Henry County area of Virginia, invites applications and nominations for Executive Director. As chief executive officer with responsibility for all aspects of the institute’s strategy and operations, the Executive Director will play a pivotal role in assisting NCI, and its many stakeholders, to develop a shared vision for its future and establish a pathway to extending and deepening its regional impact through higher education and workforce development. NCI seeks a persuasive, collaborative, inventive leader who is inspired by its mission and the opportunity to contribute to the economic revitalization of the region through an evolving higher education institute, and possesses the intellectual vigor, vision, energy, and personal qualities necessary to lead NCI into the future and galvanize support for its all-important work. The full announcement is available at (http://bit.ly/1I5Ui8B).