TRIO Achievers » Current Recipients

Mildred Edwards

Executive Director, Kansas African American Affairs Commission, Office of the Governor
Student Support Services, Wichita State University

“I firmly believe that the success that I have gained is firmly rooted in the TRIO spirit which dared me to dream impossible dreams, to be accountable for my actions, and to strive for excellence as I worked to craft my destiny.”
Cornelius Griggs

Senior Project Manager / Lead Estimator, the Walsh Group
Talent Search, Introspect Youth Services, Inc. and McNair Scholars Program, Chicago State University

“As an adult, I realize how important programs like TRIO are to underprivileged youth across the country. Without this tool, I would never have made it from the streets of Chicago to the corporate board rooms of some of Chicago’s most influential companies. I am extremely indebted to the TRIO programs and the opportunities that they have provided to me.”

William Sanchez

President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, CoolChip Technologies
Upward Bound, Bronx Community College

“Upward Bound was an important driving force in the development of my academic, social, and cultural personas and helped me to keep the value of education in perspective. The program introduced me to the world as it is and prevented inner city sub-cultures of deviance from drawing me into failure.”
Trinity Thorpe-Lubneuski

Manager for Government Affairs, Reporting, and Analysis, Comcast Corporation
Upward Bound, University of Wyoming

“The Upward Bound staff, in many ways, formed, solidified, and protected my future successes. I am who I am today because of the people who intervened in my life.”

Lois Vosika-Weir

Assistant Principal, American Indian Magnet School (PreK-8)
Upward Bound, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

“The Upward Bound staff had confidence in me when I didn’t have confidence in myself. They told her me I had potential and then treated me as if I had potential. They gave me a vision for my future and then they gave me a vision for the future of my children.”
Juan Zalapa

Research Geneticist and Assistant Professor of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
McNair Scholars Program, Texas Tech University

“The McNair program helped me believe in myself and that everything is possible in America. The program changed my life and allowed me to ‘dare to dream’.”