TRIO Alumni

National TRIO Alumni Association

National TRIO Alumni AssociationThe mission of the National TRIO Alumni Association (NTAA) is to increase public support for expanded college opportunity for low-income, first-generation, and disabled students within the United States, particularly those enrolled in the TRIO programs; to mobilize alumni so that their talents can expand mentoring, career information and other supports available to low-income, first-generation and disabled students particularly those enrolled in TRIO; and to provide a career and community network for graduates of TRIO programs.

Local, State, and Regional Alumni Networks

The Council for Opportunity in Education wants to know if you have started your own TRIO alumni network. Contact Angelica Vialpando at ( or (202) 347-7430 and share with her info about your network.

Connect Online with the Association

Join the conversation with other TRIO alumni on the National TRIO Alumni Association's official Facebook page at ( Please also take a moment to fill out our online TRIO Alumni Information Form to keep abreast of TRIO news and learn what you can do to support TRIO.